Internet Safety Tools for Parents

What can parents of 5- to 7-year-old children do to help keep them safe?

  • Provide a high level of supervision during offline and online activities.
  • Explain to your child what the Internet is and what it can be used for. Discuss with your child that the Internet is a public place, much like the store, the neighbourhood, the playground or going to someone else’s house. Set the expectation that you will always monitor her/him online to increase her/his safety.
  • Use parental controls on your computer.
  • Limit the amount of time your child spends online.
  • Ensure your child always gets your permission before sharing personal information or accepting anything while online or offline. Teach your child what is meant by personal information and where on the Internet they may be asked for it.
  • Be careful not to overreact to mistakes, as children will interpret the reaction literally, feeling shame and worry.
  • Model appropriate boundaries for your child and re-establish boundaries when they are broken.
  • Discuss with your child Okay and Not Okay touching.
  • Teach your child the difference between KEEP and SPEAK Secrets (i.e. a KEEP Secret is harmless and will eventually come out, like a surprise party; a SPEAK Secret is one that children are told to never tell and makes them feel uncomfortable, like someone showing them sexually explicit pictures). Emphasize the point with your child that s/he needs to tell a safe adult about SPEAK Secrets.
  • Help your child build positive relationships with safe adults at home and at school (e.g. a parent, an aunt, a grandparent, a teacher, etc.).
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Anonymous wrote:
February 6, 2012 10:21 pm

this is wonderful information as i am a64 yearold granny with very little exposure to the internet and my grandchildren often want to show me what they are doind on thecomputer and now with this information i can be more aware of what they are doing and be more attentive while they are here...thank you so much..keep up the good work for our childrens safety as tthey explore a new world for them and myself.......

Anonymous wrote:
February 10, 2012 11:25 am

Despite your age, we all need to be aware of the informative things on the internet as well as the dangers just as we do with TV and printed information. We should teach our children that if your gut is telling you something is wrong, no matter the situation, it probably is wrong. As adults, we need to remind our children, no matter their age, that as long as they are in our care, then we can check up on what they are tapping into.
The best to you and your grandchildren.

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